Schrödingers Hund is floating
between art, science and interdisciplinary nonsense.


"Untitled (masterpiece for Smartphone)"
at the 32th Friedberger Kunstausstellung

April 1, 2012 - April 15, 2012
Aula der Stadthalle Friedberg
Aichacher Straße 7
86316 Friedberg

jeweils Montag bis Freitag von 14 - 18 Uhr,
Samstag, Sonn- und Feiertag von 10 - 18 Uhr.



Exhibition "cryptocrumbs"
September 21, 2011 trough March 17, 2012

Café Moritzpunkt
Maximilianstraße 18
86150 Augsburg

Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Opening speech by Michael Grau (German) LINK

Newspaper article by Augsburger Allgemeine, Sept. 29, 2011 (German) LINK

"Cats & Macs"
The C.A.M. Project to join in!

You have a cat? You have a Mac?
Send us your contribution!

1. Set monitor brightness to maximum.
2. Open “Photo Booth” and set effects to “Stretch”.
3. Place your cat & yourself in front of your Mac’s iSight (or other webcam).
4. Take the photo.
5. Send your photo to info<at>

Please enclose the following information:
- Your name
- Your cat’s name
- Your city & country

See our clip on YouTube

Jump to the photo blog



"Untiteled (masterpiece for Smartphone)"

Mixed media on canvas.
Contribution for the Lange Nacht der Meister(-werke)
["Night of the Master(pieces)"]
Augsburg, June 4, 2011

Also works on this screen. Use your smartphone!



"Künstlerstaub" [artists' dust]

Schrödingers Hund's contribution for the German Dust Archive in Cologne. The dust production took place under exceptional circumstances of gravitation.





A video by Schrödinges Hund with Thyra Templiner (make up artist) and Dr. Wolfgang Wallenta (leading character).


A short film in a single take, without zoom, without editing, without postproduction, without color, takes an unsentimental look at a person's world today and in 20 years from now.

Nominated for the short-film award of arte tv .



The exhibition"personally political" in Berlin and the "Cryptocrumbs" project is over.

Mr. G. from K. is happy about his prize. You can find the complete series and the guest contributions HERE

Cryptic Messages in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Mailand, Grenoble, Denver, and San Francisco.


Schrödingers Hund in Berlin.



"Imaginäre Landschaft: kürzer!"
[imaginary landscape: shorter!]

Audio play, 5:55 min, 2008.
Guest Voice: Esther Irina Pschibul

1st Prize at the artmix.Galerie competition »Imaginäre Landschaft« (imaginary landscape) by Bayern 2 Radio, Munic. December 2008.

Hear it here (German language):



Schrödingers Hund are

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Studio: Kulturpark West, Sommestr. 38, Room 212,
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